Go for colours


You've had enough of black, white, and gray, and you are right. TCL offers you an opportunity to add a touch of fun to your deco with its Color Line. In perfect harmony with your desires, your TCL TV set will add some pep to your interior.


One colour for each atmosphere

Want a colourful deco? To create the harmony you want in your interior, the colourful design of TCL's TV sets prolong your deco and add a joyful touch to your home.

Below are a few hints that will inspire you: green, blue or pink, choose your colour!


See life in rosy hues!

The idea is to put one single strip of pink wallpaper on a white wall to have a matching tone with your pink TCL TV set hanging on the wall. Choose between powdery pink for a boudoir style or bright pink for a pop atmosphere.


Want a soothing atmosphere?

If you like to watch TV from the comfort of your own bed, cover the walls of your bedroom with blue. According to the principles of chromotherapy, that colour will help you sleep. Choose a very bright blue for your walls and add a touch of relief with the stronger blue hue of your TCL TV set.


Open sea atmosphere assured!

Let nature in! For a breath of fresh air at home, choose paints in shades of green. Use pastel green to add a soothing touch to your room. Use a deeper shade for a lively, refreshing effect. To develop this atmosphere, choose TCL's green TV set that's in harmony with your decoration.