WE ARE TCL! 2nd largest TV Manufacturer in the world...
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TCL : The Creative Life

More than just a slogan, "The Creative Life" sums up our vision perfectly.


The TCL GroupCreativity & innovation since 1981

Since we took our first steps in China at the start of the 1980s, over the years the TCL group has become one of the largest mass market electronics groups in the world.



    To develop increasingly innovative products, centred on your expectations and providing the best of smart Internet technologies.
    To create innovation and place it within reach of as many people as possible, while being one of the most creative companies in the mass electronics market.
    Being in the top 3 Chinese companies which register the highest number of patents each year.





The TCL group

The TCL group

From connected television via smartphone production, we are currently designing the technologies that will assist you in your daily lives tomorrow.
A world leader in TVs, mobile phones, smartphones and tablets

TCL in figures A world leader in TVs, mobile phones, smartphones and tablets

TCL is already a major player in the world mass electronics market. Our technologies are used every day by our customers in Europe and around the world. We feel that it is important to show you the company which designs and manufactures your appliances.

Biao Jiang - Directeur Général Europe de TCL Electronics
    in terms of TV Manufacturing(1)
    in the mobile phone market(2)
  • 7. IN THE TOP 100
    brands in China
    for tablet manufacturers
(1)Source: IHS Markit 2018
(2)Source: IDC - 2016
Who is TCL?

TCL in a few words Who is TCL?

TCL was founded 35 years ago and has become one of the world's largest consumer electronics companies over the years. TCL Electronics is now ranked 2nd globally in terms of product shipment in volume. The group has 75,000 employees, 28 Research and Development laboratories and 22 production sites.
While we are first and foremost TV designers, we also produce a wide range of home appliances: Blu-ray players, tablets, fridges, washing machines, and Audio products.
TCL Electronics operates in more than 80 countries and markets its products in more than 160 countries. Whether our customers live in the United States, Brazil, China, Germany or elsewhere, they can enjoy TCL products and technologies.

TCL historyTargeting excellence, year on year

Discover the events and products which have marked our history from 1981 to today.


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Creation of TCL

TCL is developing and manufacturing its first large colour panoramic screens.

TCL is on the way to becoming the leading mass market electronics company in China and is one of the top 3 TV manufacturers.

TCL is arriving on the mobile phone market with the creation of TCL Mobile Telecommunication Co. Ltd.

TCL extends the distribution of its products to the South East Asian markets and the Russian market. The same year, TCL also launches in the Middle East, Africa and Australia and sells its products in South America.

TCL becomes the No. 1 for colour TVs in China.

Over 1.3 million TCL mobile phones are sold worldwide with turnover of over 450 million dollars.

TCL is on the way to becoming the No. 1 brand in China in mobile phone production. TCL is signing an agreement with Motorola for the production of mobile phones. The company is signing a letter of intent with the Japanese conglomerate Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd.

TCL Mobile is ranked among the 5 most dynamic technology companies in the Asia Pacific region by the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu agency.

The T&A joint-venture between TCL Communication and Alcatel is made official. TCL shares are launched on the Hong Kong stock exchange. The company becomes the largest TV manufacturer by merging with the TV division of Thomson, which owns the RCA and Thomson brands.

TCL announces that it will be working with Walt Disney.

TCL International becomes TCL Multimedia.

TCL is inaugurating a new brand strategy, based on knowing what its consumers expect: "The Creative Life". TCL is strengthening itself around three main capabilities: design, quality and commercial network. TCL wants to become the most creative company in China within the next 10 years.

TCL signs a cooperation agreement with Intel to develop the new generation of Internet TVs. The company introduces the first interactive LCD TV with the X9 series.

TCL is a partner of the Asian Games in Guangzhou. The company is providing 3D and LCD TVs, large screens and general technical assistance.

August 2011: TCL inaugurates its 8.5 generation LCD screen factory near Shenzhen, in southern China. This new facility symbolises the completion of the company's vertical integration to guarantee the best quality at competitive prices.

TCL is launching a domestic appliance recycling plant in Tianjin, in China. This is a responsible approach which sets an example and opens the way for other electronic product manufacturers.

To mark its 30th birthday, TCL is now ranked number 25 in the first 50 mass market electronics companies in the world, according to the CEA.

June 2012: TCL goes from No. 7 to No. 5 in the world for LCD TV sales, according to Display Search. This result reflects the group's worldwide expansion.

As a world first in Beijing, TCL presents the largest 4K 3D LED TV ever manufactured (110”, i.e. a diagonal of nearly 2.80 m). The company is looking towards the future and demonstrates its R&D capabilities again.

March 2013: TCL rises to be world No. 3 in the LCD TV market according to Display Search and world No. 5 in the mobile phone market according to Gartner.

TCL Corporation sells over 18 million TVs and over 55 million mobile phones around the world.

TCL Corporation sells over 16.5 million LCD TVs and 73.5 million terminal and accessory units.

January 2015: At CES 2016, TCL presents a 55" Ultra High Definition TV with Quantum Dot technology. This major innovation enables perfectly saturated greens, reds and blues to be reproduced and delivers 100% of the NTSC full-gamut color.

January 2015: At CES 2016, TCL unveils the TCL 4K UHD 110‘’ curved screen TV: the largest curved Ultra HD TV in the world.

Dongsheng Li, the Chairman and CEO of TCL Corporation, appeared in the list of the 20 most influential entrepreneurs of the Internet era in 2015.

The TCL group is valued at over 10 billion US dollars. For the 1st time, TCL appears in the prestigious BrandZ™ Top 100 ranking of the Chinese brands with the highest value around the world.

January 2016: TCL is honoured is with an Innovation Awards from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™ at CES 2016 for the TCL 4K UHD 110‘’ curved screen TV.

TCL is appointing Alain Pakiry as Europe Director General of TCL Multimedia. This appointment, which complements his current position at TCL communication, marks the start of a new development phase for TCL in Europe.

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