What size screen is right for you?


If you’re planning on buying a new television, it’s worthwhile taking a little time to find the right screen for you. The first question you should ask is also the simplest. What size TV screen should I choose? The answer depends largely on how much space you have in your home, but more precisely at what distance you are sitting in front of the TV.

In an ideal world, the distance between you and your screen should be one of your main considerations before buying a new television. It’s a bit like choosing the perfect seat in the cinema; you want to be near enough to see clearly, but not so near as to be uncomfortable.

TCL gives you the key information you need to find the best match between screen size and the distance at which you watch your television, to be sure you make the right choice.


Firstly, a question about comfort and image quality

Contrary to what you may think, a larger screen size does not necessarily enhance viewing comfort.


The distance between your television and your sofa is the key element in helping you make your choice:

  • If your screen is too large in relation to the distance at which you are sitting, the image will appear "pixelated". In other words, some details will appear to be not very clear.
  • By contrast, if you choose a screen which is too small, you won’t see the details properly and won’t appreciate the image quality offered by your television.
  • An ideal screen size will give you optimum quality of vision and help you get the best out of HD.


How to choose the right size of television

To start with, you should determine the distance at which you most often watch your screen. Then compare this distance with the sizes in the table below. You will note that the recommended distance changes according to the resolution of your screen.

So you also need to choose the resolution of your screen according to the distance you have available to you and the size of your ideal screen. For example, if the distance between your television and your sofa is equal to or less than 3 metres, but you would like a screen of at least 45 inches, you should consider a Full HD television, or better still an Ultra HD set, because the recommended screen size can be as large as 85 inches. Just right for cinema buffs!

By studying the table below, you can choose the screen resolution which best suits the space available to you.

Resolution of the televisions


Full HD TV

Ultra HD TV


Diagonal measurement of screen

Diagonal measurement of screen

Diagonal measurement of screen


In general, we recommend using the scale presented below :

Distance from which you watch television

Screen size recommended fo you

Choose an HD television (1366x768) of

Choose a Full HD television (1920x1080) of

Choose an Ultra HD television (3840x2160) of

Between 1 metre and 1,5 meter


19"/48cm to 24"/61cm

40"/102cm to 46"/117cm

Between 1,5 and 2 metres


26"/66cm to 32"/81cm

46"/117cm to 55"/140cm

Between 2 and 3 metres

24"/61cm to 32"/81cm

32"/81cm to 46"/117cm

60"/1522cm to 85"/216cm

Between 3 and 4 metres

32"/81cm to 40"/102cm

46"/117cm to 55"/152cm



Quelle taille d'écran TV est faite pour vous ?

So where does Ultra HD fit in with all this?

The new Ultra High Definition technology, also known as 4K, will change your habits concerning the distance between your TV and your sofa. With its 8 million pixels – four times more than a classic HD television, you can enjoy an even bigger screen at an already reduced viewing distance !

The increased number of pixels produces a clearer image, and allows you to halve the distance between your sitting position and the television.

For a real cinema experience, UHD is THE resolution for small or large areas.

Found your ideal size? TCL offers a large range of televisions. One of them has your name on it!