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Although the integration of the Android TV function in new TCL TVs provides the user with access to the entire Google universe, the related Google Cast function significantly improves ergonomics and allows very quick access to services and content at the press of a button.


Le contenu mobile sur la TV !

Google Cast can be compared with Chromecast key integration in your TV which allows you to connect to other mobile devices wirelessly. The idea is to display content or applications for smartphones, tablets and computers running on Android on the TV as well as content from IOS devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks, and even from a PC running on Windows. Being able to manage data from various sources and operating systems provided that application is certified is one of Google Cast's major advantages and the transfer from the small screen (smartphone, tablet, computer) to the big screen (TV) is simple.

Just press or click on the Cast button at the top right in the mobile application or in the computer browser, such as Chrome, after installing the Google Cast extension. This new interface allows the user to immediately use the content on the big screen without needing to select the Smart TV function on the TV, search for the desired application, and activate it which is a major time saver in everyday use.


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Another advantage of Google Cast is the easy connection between the TV, such as a TCL X1 , and compatible devices. Once the TV and tablet are connected on the same network, the connection between the two is done automatically without the need for coupling. In the specific case of opening the Netflix application on the tablet and after pressing the cast icon just select Android TV when it is displayed on the screen to instantly display the video service's interface on the big screen. This allows the user to navigate through the interface more simply using the tablet's touchscreen. The same applies to easily share music, photos, or videos stored on a smartphone or on the Cloud using a computer browser with friends or family.

Le contenu mobile sur la TV


Le contenu mobile sur la TV

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Another important aspect of the Google Cast feature is that once the shared content is on the big screen, the compatible device is not mobilised by the application. If we use the example of the Netflix platform "casted" from the tablet to the big screen, it is then possible to open another application, play a game, answer your emails without interfering with the video on demand service running on the TV.


More and more applications are adopting the Google Cast certification. Among the most well-known are Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, CanalPlay, OCS, Bein Sport, Twitch, Plex, Deezer, and This is the guarantee of an ever more complete experience and ever more intuitive everyday use.

Le contenu mobile sur la TV