Android TV 6.0, reinventing connection


Android™, the operating system of smartphones and tablets, landed in 6.0 version at the heart of the interface of new TV TCL X1 before the end of the year. Specifically developed for the big screen, Android TV 6.0 gives easy and user-friendly access to an unparalleled range of applications and services on a TV!

Present in TVs for years, TCL offers its Smart TV 2 on many models of its range (see our filter Smart TV2) . This user-friendly, easy-to-use interface provides access to a wide range of quality content and applications. By Bluetooth, it is also possible to connect a keyboard or a joystick for a more ergonomic control. With Android TV 6.0 in its new version, this is one more step that is taken.


Androïd tv 6.0, la tv connectée réinventée

Android designed for TV

Developed by Google™, the Android operating system, common to smartphones, tablets and televisions is known to all (in France, Android dominates the market of mobile devices in 2015 with more than 70% of terminals equipped ). It gives access to an almost infinite universe of applications and services and is interoperable between devices equipped with them


If entering characters on the remote control seems too tedious, voice search works perfectly, without any previous learning of the voice. Even several series of words are recognized without error which makes it very easy to find what we are looking for, for example a video in YouTube, very well integrated in Android 6.0. Mostly, the Android TV 6.0 system gives access to the Google Play Store rich with more than 1 million applications. To avoid unnecessarily downloading applications designed only for mobile devices, Google Play offers only those that are intended for the big screen. Android 6.0 also provides access to Google Play Movies and TV, which offers tens of thousands of new release movies and next day TV shows, as well as Google Play Music. It is also possible to install very simply all the other services of streaming and catching up TV. Very well integrated in Android 6.0.


Playful and compatible

All in perfect interactivity with a smartphone or an Android tablet, of course. A series purchased on the tablet can be viewed on the screen of the living room. Likewise, via Google Play apps and games, Android TV 6.0 instantly transforms the TV into a formidable gaming console, with an unrivaled title catalog able to satisfy the needs of all gamers, whether passionate or casual. And for a perfect video game experience, Android TV 6.0 accepts many joysticks that are easy to connect to the X1 in Bluetooth. If you want your games to run fast and smooth you will need the computing power that the high-performance processor of the X1 TV guarantees. Another key asset of Android 6.0 compared to previous versions, An ergonomics in progress with the possibility of installing all the applications, services or games desired, without limitation, on additional storage units, a USB key or an external hard disk connected USB to the television. Finally, ATV 6.0 comes with Chromecast built-in which allows you to easily stream your favorite entertainment straight to the TV. Stay connected, we'll talk more about this feature in a future publication. Nothing could be easier than enjoying the contents of a tablet or a smartphone on the TV set.

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