Android TV 8.0: the best way to watch whatever you like, however you like


The new version of Android TV, Android 8.0 integrates Google Home and Google Assistant. Which means you just have to ask for whatever you want, by pressing the microphone button you can find the latest blockbusters, check out the final score from the match of the day, or dim the lights...all of this without tearing your eyes away from whatever you're watching.

Android 8.0 also enables you to watch UHD broadcasts directly on your television and enjoy the 4K HDR applications on your big screen*. Android 8.0 also has innovative features which enable every family member to enjoy their favourite broadcasts. Features such as Picture-in-Picture (PIP), multiple account access or lateral adjustment. Find out exactly what your Android 8.0 television can do for you.

*A television with 4K UHD resolution is required.

Google Assistant and Google Home integrated. Ask. Tell. Manage. With your voice.

You no longer need to navigate around and type in the search bar...Thanks to voice search, as soon as you want something, you now just have to ask your Personal Assistant. With over 1 million available actions, it is always there to help. The more you use it, the more it understands. Now that's artificial intelligence!



Ask for whatever you want

Ask about the film of the moment, the weather tomorrow, the next team to face yours, to translate a word into Japanese, Beethoven's birthday...and anything else you want to know.

Tell it to do things

Ask the Assistant to launch your favourite application, to play the latest Netflix series, to turn up the volume on your television, to open a YouTube playlist or even to remind you of appointments and meetings for that day or to read out your shopping list and much more...

Manage your domestic appliances

Now you can dim the lights, adjust the thermostat to 18°C or control other appliances that are compatible with Google Home, just ask. Check that your appliances are compatible with Google Home.




An experience like no other for all of your family members

Android 8.0 offers numerous features designed so that everyone can enjoy what they love, in their own way.



Integrated Chromecast*: your favourites on the big screen

With Android 8.0, you can easily share photos, the videos that you watch on YouTube, the music you listen to on Spotify, your videos, your music and all other media from your tablet or smartphone onto your television to enjoy everything you like, but a little bigger. Once the media is sent to your television, your smart-phone is again free for other functions. *works with most devices, including iPhone®, iPad, Android telephones and tablets as well as Mac® computers, Windows® and Chromebook

4K HDR Content

Android 8.0 supports YouTube and Netflix in 4K HDR and enables you to get the best out of your TCL television with your series and videos.

Rapid application change

Just one long push of the home button and you can access open applications without taking your eyes off the ones you're using.





Art video ludique TCL

Lateral adjustment

When you want to edit an image, the television settings appear discretely at the sides of the screen and whatever you're watching remains visible. There is no central pop-up blocking your view, you see the adjustments being applied in real time on the media that you're watching (video, games).

Multiple account access

For everyone's preferences, on their own Gmail accounts You can jump from one to the other, so that everyone can access their favourite applications, their content and their personal recommendations.

Picture-in-Picture watch 2 programmes from different sources at the same time.

Follow your favourite Netflix series whilst your son finishes playing his video games or watch a video on YouTube during half time without missing a minute of what's happening.


More and more fluidity and security


In order to ensure that your data is safe, Android 8.0 integrates several levels of security and coding. To ensure more fluidity whilst you are using it, new features appear on this new version of Android TV.

Discreet updates

The device updates will run in the background to avoid long waiting periods whilst the device synchronises.

Direct start-up

Your device starts up quicker in less than 5 seconds and applications run securely even before you enter your password.