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TCL awards worldwideC76 55" - EISA Award Best Product 2018-2019


Paris, August 20, 2018 - The C76 Series, the latest flagships by TCL, one of the world’s top-three TV brands, was awarded by EISA’s image and sound experts. EISA is the only association with 50 specialized magazines in 23 European countries. The 55DC760 is a TV that combines an extra-slim design with 4K HDR technology as well as an incomparable sound and picture experience. A JBL sound bar on the front and the TCL Android TV™ system, delivers a powerful in-home entertainment experience to consumers who prefer a refined and tasteful living.


XESS Series X2 - IF Design Award 2017


The XESS Series X2, the world's first QLED Android TV, received the iF Design Award 2017.


C70 55" - EISA Award Best Product 2017-2018


The C70 is a TV that combines an ultra-thin design with 4K HDR technology as well as an incomparable sound and picture experience. A JBL sound bar on the front and the Android TV system, brings unique cinema-mode experience. "This award marks a new step in TCL’s brand development in Europe. We are proud to be recognized by renowned industry experts for our commitment to ensure continuously innovative products. Our goal is to offer the best technology and design to our consumers for a premium television experience" states Frédéric Langin, Sales & Marketing Director of TCL Europe.


TCL awards worldwideC70 - RedDot Design Award

"With both the frame and the stands made of aluminium, the C2 series renders a timeless and exquisite impression. The connection between screen and speaker with a slim metal strip is a particular highlight."



X1 - IFA Product Technical Innovation Award

TCL has been awarded for their innovation at IFA on September 2016, for their new flagship product, the 65” QUHD Curved 4K TV Xclusive X1 Series. The Xclusive X1 TV, created to lead the trend in LCD TV business with Ultra-HD resolution, high brightness, vibrant color and deep contrast was awarded the Quantum Dot Technology Gold Award, after a selection period lasting more than 6 months.



X1 - CES Honoree

Art Design 
Scandinavian Modernism Design

“Beauty is the harmony of function and form”, said by fi nish modernist architect and designer Alvar Aalto, who advocate design focusing on users and emphasize organic and scientifi c combination of human, nature, society and environment. Alvar Aalto emphasizes perfect combination of simple structure and comfortable functions, aims at functionalism, and respects the function and form. What X1 demonstrates is simple and smooth design concept derived from nature and focusing on features.

Perfection in the finest details

  • X1 is the world’s slimmest HDR local dimming Quantum dot TV thanks to its 8 mm backlight distance design
  • 1 mm diamond cut curved bezel
  • Natural radian ultra narrow edge design
  • Stereo stamping light buttons



55 ” QDH9700 TV

Honourable Mention

This 55 ” 4K LED TV is equipped with a sound system by Harman Kardon, which facilitates a comprehensive TV experience. It offers different versions foplacement so that the device can be integrated into a variety of living situations: it can be stood up, hung up or moved back and forth on rollers. The screen may also be rotated and thus adjusted to the viewing angle of the user.

Statement by the jury : “This television can be set up and positioned fl exibly. Particularly notable is the option to move it on rollers.”

redot award


L55 ” C2-CUDG

Red Dot

This television brings elegance and refi ned sophistication into the living room. Its rear casing elegantly envelops the screen, fostering an almost graceful impression. The creative approach involves a 360-degree design, giving the TV a smooth and tidy appearance from all sides. Its plain elegance is emphasised by the circumferential aluminium bezel and the reduced design of the stand.

Statement by the jury : “With its unobtrusive functional design, this TV tastefully blends into any living environment.””

redot award-2


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